Lambchop - Nixon [Red Vinyl]

  • Lambchop - Nixon [Red Vinyl]

Lambchop - Nixon [Red Vinyl]


Released24th May 2019
Catalogue SLANG50198LP
Barcode 4250506833107

Much has been said and written about Nixon, the album that broke Nashville's finest little big band into the mainstream in the UK. It was everyone's Album of the Month and Album of the Year in Uncut,  or maybe not. It's sophisticated mix of, white man's soul music, gospel choirs and thick use of strings, combined with Kurt Wagner's last chance to lay down some falsetto vocals before age, smoking and whiskey caught up with him, were a sensation. The Zero 7 remix of Up With People added longevity and weight to a campaign that stretched well into 2001.

This re-issue comes with an additional full concert DVD from Lambchop's second London show at the legendary Royal Festival Hall with an added string section. Filmed by a TV company that consequently went bust,  this gem of a document was saved from the vaults of insolvency and is presented here in its raw original form.

Reissued on Red Vinyl

1. The Old Gold Shoe
2. Grumpus
3. You Masculine You
4. Up With People
5. Nashville Parent
6. What Else Could It Be?
7. The Distance From Her To There
8. The Book I Haven't Read
9. The Petrified Florist
10. The Butcher Boy

Artist Lambchop
LabelCity Slang
Filed Under Indie & Alternative