Lastryko - Tętno Pulsu

  • Lastryko - Tętno Pulsu

Lastryko - Tętno Pulsu


Released2nd February 2020
Catalogue WB009
Barcode 000000000000

+ Pressed on red coloured vinyl.

Hailing from the Threecity area, a coastal metropolis in the north of Poland comprising of the 3 cities: Gdansk, Gdynia and Sopot, Lastryko can be placed somewhere between psychedelic, post rock and krautrock.

Exuding fluid grooves with an experimental touch, 'Tetno Pulsu' is a collection of selected improvised pieces recorded during a two-day studio session in the spring of 2018.

With 'Tetno Pulsu', Lastryko offer up six tracks of uncompromising, instrumental psych that is sure to keep your motor running. Comes on red vinyl. 

1. Jeden 
2. Dwa 
3. Trzy 
4. Cztery
5. Pięć
6. Sześć 


Artist Lastryko
Filed Under Rock & Psych & Garage