Laurel Halo - Laurel Halo DJ Kicks

  • Laurel Halo - Laurel Halo DJ Kicks

Laurel Halo - Laurel Halo DJ Kicks


FormatCD or LP
Released22nd March 2019
Catalogue K7375CD
Barcode 0730003737527

+ Drift favourite Laurel Halo gets a shake at the much-loved DJ Kicks and also drops some brand-new material just for this release.

The 68th edition of the DJ-Kicks mix series is another landmark one, with experimental producer Laurel Halo taking the reins. The American’s adventurous 28 track trip features seven exclusives, including two of her own plus those from Rrose, Machinewoman, FIT Siegel, Nick León and Ikonika.

An electronic outlier, Halo hails from Ann Arbor, Michigan, but has been based in Berlin for a number of years. Landing on labels like Hyperdub, Honest Jon’s and Latency, Halo has released a body of work ranging in style, yet cohered by production and compositional tendencies that sound distinctly her own. Her studio work tends to be a multi-layered mix of the electronic and the acoustic, the organic and the synthetic. As a DJ, meanwhile, she lays down more floor focussed mixes of techno, bass and worldly drum rhythms, and her live sets are similarly visceral and direct.

Halo’s DJ-kicks packs a lot in to just 60 minutes. It kicks off with the first of two of her own exclusives, ‘Public Art’, a tactile piano loop that sets the melodic tone of the mix in focus. Crunchy drums soon take over and begin what is a blistering ride through electro, trippy minimalism and textures that range from icy and dubby to steel plated and sharp from the likes of Red Axes, Parris and an exclusive from Rrose.

Another exclusive, rough and ready cut from Machinewoman follows, before the mid section twists and turns on surging drum patterns, frantic industrial textures and spaced out gqom sounds from the likes of Griffit Vigo, Dario Zenker and Final Cut. This is a mix forever on the move: one minute its tightly coiled and kinetic, the next it’s loose and joyful before switching into more cerebral and insular passages that keep you intrigued.

Fusing together so many disparate sounds and textures is no mean feat, but like everything Halo does, here they all add up to something as thrilling and edgy as it is unpredictable and compelling.

1. Laurel Halo - Public Art **
2. Stallone the Reducer - Always Hate
3. Red Axes - 5 min (feat. CAR)
4. Parris - Puro Rosaceae
5. Rrose - Cricoid Pressure **
6. Machinewoman - Just Made Some Jazz Music **
7. WCC - Ana
8. FIT Siegel - Pennyrut **
9. Yamaoka - Plastic PQ
10. Siete Catorce – Canto
11. Facta - Poliwhirl
12. Laurel Halo & Hodge - The Light Within You
13. Ikonika - Bodied **
14. Griffit Vigo - A.C.I.D (Electronic Gqom Mix)
15. Panda Lassow - Lachowa
16. Dario Zenker - Koraimer Bro
17. Final Cut - Temptation
18. Aos - Violent Light
19. Geoffrey Landers - Brian’s Having a Party
20. Via Maris - Side Effects
21. Laurel Halo - Oneiroi
22. Nick León - Pelican Dub **
23. Stefan Ringer - Lust
24. Kirk The Flirt - Loser
25. Laurel Halo - Sweetie (DJ-Kicks) **
26. Blake Baxter - Funky World (Blake Baxter Remix)
27. Kiki Kudo - Freakey Keke
28. Group A - Ketabali
29. Whitefield Brothers – Ntu
** = Exclusive Track

Artist Laurel Halo
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