Local Natives - Sunlit Youth

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  • Local Natives - Sunlit Youth

Local Natives - Sunlit Youth

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InfoCD & LP9th September 2016

Local Natives release their third album, ‘Sunlit Youth’, on Infectious Music.

“A lot of the excitement in making this new album came from discovering how to make songs in different ways,” the band’s Ryan Hahn says. “You start thinking, ‘What do I want to hear?’ Forget about what we’ve done and what people expect. This is a song that I would want to hear. Lyrically, ‘Villainy’ is about realising that you have the ability to change your situation, that you can start again everyday. We applied that to how we made music this time around. We wanted all the new songs to have a different energy, to challenge

1 Villainy
2 Past Lives
3 Dark Days
4 Fountain Of Youth
5 Masters
6 Jellyfish
7 Coins
8 Mother Emanuel
9 Ellie Alice
10 Psycho Lovers
11 Everything All At Once
12 Sea Of Years

Artist Local Natives