Maria McKee - La Vita Nuova

  • Maria McKee - La Vita Nuova

Maria McKee - La Vita Nuova


FormatCD & LP
Released13th March 2020
Catalogue AFAR001LP
Barcode 809236160119

Maria McKee has been out of the proverbial spotlight for some time, her creative talents re-engaging with her first love of acting, performance and the musical tapestries that accompany such activities. Candid and passionate, she has, quite simply, had a beatific awakening and in a crescendo of prose. Her new album La Vita Nuova unlocks her story, sketching out her journey that began long ago when she sang in her bedroom with her older brother, the late, great musical innovator Bryan MacLean. Along the way she retooled punk and country in Lone Justice, released a string of evocative and eclectic solo records, wrote chart topping hits and touched millions of people before seemingly disappearing…

Some of the new album sounds like modern show tunes for musical extravaganzas that are still to be penned. ‘Little Beast’ is almost Disney-esque and ‘I Should Have Looked Away’ has a real stagey feel to it. Title track ‘La Vita Nouva’ and ‘Let Me Forget’ are all beautifully written stories of relationships in various states of evolution or disrepair.  And, ‘However Worn’ is like a slice of American gothic. A homage to new life, the completion of ‘La Vita Nuova’ saw Maria’s life entirely change and illustrates an important period in the artist’s life.

“It’s a really personal record; all I can do is tell my story. People can find their own meaning in it, taking them deeper, perhaps, into something they need to experience, I think that’s what music and art does.”

Limited edition Indies only Double White Vinyl in Gatefold sleeve
CD is Limited Edition Bookback CD

Side A:
A1 Effigy of Salt
A2 Page of Cups
A3 Let Me Forget
A4 I Should Have Looked Away

Side B:
B1 Right Down to the Heart of London
B2 La Vita Nuova
B3 Little Beast

Side C:
C1 Courage
C2 Ceann Bró
C3 The Last Boy

Side D:
D1 I Never Asked
D2 I Just Want to Know That You're Alright
D3 Weatherspace
D4 However Worn

Artist Maria McKee
Filed Under Indie & Alternative