MC Cashback - Just Desserts

  • MC Cashback - Just Desserts

MC Cashback - Just Desserts


Released18th January 2019
Catalogue MCCASH1LP
Barcode 5053760044789

While being a big name in the comedy, music and cooking scene (big scene in the south) MC Cashback feels its time to take the country by storm with his flowing rhymes and delicious use of thyme. Just Desserts a hip hop cookbook album containing nine delicious dessert dishes set to music, classic recipes such as Chocolate Mousse, Apple Crumble and Sticky Toffee Pudding are given a modern musical twist imagined as smooth R'n'B and Hip Hop tracks.

Made to inspire budding chefs and home cooks alike, MC Cashback sets out to give cooking a more light hearted edge than watching a TV presenter guide you through a recipe in a studio with informative yet entertaining, well-crafted songs to get you in the mood for cooking. Music and food have always worked well together and now MC Cashback is here to bridge the gap and fuse the two in a hilarious way, fusion cooking like never before!

1. Intro (Featuring Dave Lamb
2. Just Desserts (Gonna Get My)
3. Black Forrest Gateau (Featuring Emma B)
4. Creme Brulee (Featuring Mike Dennis)
5. Apple Crumble
6. Chocolate Mousse
7. Tiramisu (Featuring Dandelion & Dj Buckwilde)
8. Sticky Toffee Pudding (Featuring Ruby)
9. Shortbread
10. Blueberry Muffins (Featuring Emma B)
11. Angel Delight

Artist MC Cashback
Filed Under R&B & Hip Hop