Mi Cosa de Resistance - 7 Songs to be Listened in Silence

  • Mi Cosa de Resistance - 7 Songs to be Listened in Silence

Mi Cosa de Resistance - 7 Songs to be Listened in Silence


Released19th July 2019
Catalogue LT003CS
Barcode LT003CS

Fernando Perales was born in Argentina, 1971. Growing up in Buenos Aires, his father owned a windscreen wiper factory and the family lived in the same building; so it is of no surprise that throughout his career he has considered himself ‘an industrial musician’. “My most important influence is my family heritage”, he says, “part of my poetical universe comes from this noisy familiar background. I’ve always been surrounded by machines, percussive machines & stuff like that”.

From the mid to late nineties, Perales was part of the influential experimental Argentinian band Reynols; and later, in 2007 formed noise guitar trio UL with Anla Couris & Charly Zaragoza, touring Europe as many as five times during the twenty-tens.

Like all of its predecessors, ‘7 Songs to be Listened in Silence’ is a collection of 6 lo-fi ambient tracks based on the art of vinyl sampling techniques & the concept of parasitism within music creation; something that fascinates Perales. “The connection between an artist and art tradition or art history is a matter of parasitism or a parasitism affair because musicians, painters & artists are always taking ideas, resources, and materials from the past. So long as music exists, I will keep on making music”.
Perales is a jovial and playful character, and his sense of humour is pronounced in the title of this six-track album... however, the sound is sincere, mature & thought-provoking, Perales' use of textural sound is spellbinding, and where his industrial influences are recognisable, they sound like they have melded with nature in romantic harmony, which is perhaps something we’re missing in this modern world. 

Tapes are Translucent Blue, hand numbered & limited to 20 copies. 

Side A

Breathed a Song into The Air 

In Some Obscure Place

A Sudden Darkness Falls Upon The Wold

Side B

Sheltered From All Molestation

Never Here, Forever There

I Have Nothing More to Say

LabelLeft Tapes