Modern Cosmology - Summer Long

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Modern Cosmology - Summer Long


Info10"16th June 2017

Summer Long is the new LP from Modern Cosmology, lead by Stereolab’s Laetitia Sadier.

+ Limited edition of 1000 copies on clear vinyl. Includes download.

 A collaboration of Bossa-Nova, pop, and psychedelia from  Laetitia Sadier and Brazilian (Pernambuco) band Mombojó.  Mombojó together since 2001, won awards - in 2004, as the best band in Brazil, and 2006 for best album of the year and have collaborated with Tom Zé, Fernando Catatau and Andreas Kisser, among others.  While performing in Brazil in 2012 Laetitia Sadier  met the band, irredeemable fans of Stereolab, who pulled a copy of Homem-Espuma - their hardest-to-find album - out of their hat and gave it to Laetitia to seal a night of magical encounters. They took Laetitia to a small house in Aldeia for two weeks of recording, and submerge her there in a Brazilian musical environment. Years later we see the results of those two weeks in the "Summer Long" EP.    Album opener C'est Le Vent is a psychedelic and dreamlike journey that clearly shows the Stereolab influence on Mombojo's music, but with that elegant, syncopated touch of new-wave Brazilian music. The Source is disturbing, perturbing, driven continuously by Laetitia's brilliant voice and a dirty guitar, and a pop bridge, while Power Of Touch dives head first into Bossa-Nova territory.

1. C'est Le Vent
2. The Source
3. Power Of Touch
4. The Berlin Friend