Mort Garson

Music From Patch Cord Productions [2020 Remaster]

  • Mort Garson - Music From Patch Cord Productions [2020 Remaster]
6th November 2020 / LP / Sacred Bones Records

Mort Garson

Music From Patch Cord Productions [2020 Remaster]


A full-to-bursting grab bag of Garson's delights, from commercial friendly jingles to spaceship jams to way-out wig-outs, all coming straight out of Mort's legendary cable-strewn workshop.

Mort Garson’s road to cool cultural caché and the sublimity of 'Plantasia' meant a decades’ long journey through an underworld of sophisticated, international, string-laced dreck (i.e., your great-grandparents’ record collection) to arrive at 'Music from Patch Cord Productions', this set of queasy-listening you now see before you. 

+ Limited Indie shop version LP is pressed on purple coloured vinyl.

'Music from Patch Cord Productions' shows that Garson’s knack was to exist in both worlds, super-commercial and waaay out. He cut delirious minute-long blasts for commercials (as to whether or not they were actually ever aired remains unknown) and spacecraft-hovering études.

Were there really account managers out there in the early ’70s that gave the greenlight to these commercial compositions which seemed to anticipate everyone from John Carpenter to Suicide? What were these campaigns actually for, Soylent Green? Regardless, Mort’s jingle work laid the groundwork for the future. As Robert Moog himself noted: “The jingles were important because they domesticated the sound.” Via Garson’s wizardry, the synthesizer transcended novelty to ubiquity and dominance. 

Other curios and questions abound. How did Garson’s arrangement work for Arthur Prysock’s satiny body worship album This Is My Beloved transmogrify into the body-snatcher pulses of “This is My Beloved”? Are the two pieces even related? What is the IATA code for the airport of “Realizations of an Aeropolis”? What denomination is the “Cathedral of Pleasure”? If “Son of Blob” sounds like a hallucinatory melted ice cream truck theme, what on earth does Blob’s father sound like? Every sound wrangled out of that Moog by Garson pushes things further and further out. 

Of course, these are all questions that may never get answers, as Garson wasn’t the most organized modern day composer, busy as he was conjuring strange new realms with his circuit boards and synths. He worked and wrote right up until his death in 2008, his daughter and Sacred Bones still going through all of the material left behind. He wouldn’t live to see it, but his renaissance was just around the corner, the seeds that had been scattered in record bins around the world suddenly coming to bear fruit. Take a bite!

+ Remastered from the original master tapes. 
+ Purple vinyl limited to 3000 copies.

Is He Trying to Tell Us Something? (Instrumental) (3:27)
Rhapsody in Green (Alternate Take) (2:05)
Baroque No. 2 (2:14)
This Is My Beloved (3:05)
Music for Advertising #1 (1:02)
Music for Advertising #2 (1:03)
Music for Advertising #3 (1:06)
Killers of the Wild (1:04)
Realizations of an Aeropolis (2:07)
Music for Advertising #4 (1:05)
Music for Advertising #5 (0:33)
Z - Theme from “Music for Sensuous Lovers” Part I
(Instrumental) (3:11)
The Blobs - Son of Blob Theme (2:29)
Cathedral of Pleasure (6:09)
Ode to an African Violet (Alternate Take) (3:57)
The Time Zone - Space Walker (2:47)
Dragonfly (3:20)
The Lords of Percussion - Geisha Girl (4:00)
The Electric Blues Society - Our Day Will Come (2:36)

Format /LP
Released /6th November 2020
Catalogue / SBR3032LPC1
Barcode / 853563129890
Artist / Mort Garson
Genre / Experimental
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