Nathan Fake / Wesley Matsell - Cambria01

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  • Nathan Fake / Wesley Matsell - Cambria01

Nathan Fake / Wesley Matsell - Cambria01

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InfoLtd 12"8th August

Nathan Fake and Wesley Matsell launch new imprint Cambria Instruments.

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One of the most consistently excellent artists within the Border Community fold, since impressing them with his simultaneously reflective, dance floor jams when just out of his teens in 2003; Nathan Fake is stepping out on his own. With his friend, fellow producer and DJ, Wesley Matsell, Fake has announced the launch of his new imprint, Cambria Instruments, with the first release set to be a split release between the pair.

In some ways the title of the imprint follows Fake's interest in exploring the heritage of Britain - most notably on his 2012 record Steam Days, its tracks' titles referencing several historical areas around his native Norfolk. "Cambria is a reference to both Wesley and I,"? Fake explains. "He's from Wales, and Cambria is an ancient English/Latin name for Wales, so we thought that summed up where the label was coming from."?

Teaming up with Matsell - himself a Border Community club staple - the pair's first release on Cambria
Instruments will be Fake's nocturnal groove-laden track 'Black Drift', coupled with Matsell's similarly crisp mixture of shifting percussion and submerged oscillations, 'Bismuth'. Both tracks have a similarly hi-fidelity feel to them, coupled with - as Fake puts it - "new esoteric melodies and textures previously unheard from both artists"?.

Details are yet to be confirmed on future releases from outside artists, but solo EPs from the co-founders can expected in the future. With Matsell's far-reaching tastes in everything from fifties electroacoustic, acid house and early Detroit, through to hardcore and rave, nineties techno and noise, the thought of him joining up with Fake's own naturally eclectically-informed mind is an exciting one indeed.

A1 Nathan Fake - 'Black Drift'
B1 Wesley Matsell - 'Bismuth'