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Nathan Salsburg - Affirmed


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Louisville, Kentucky's Nathan Salsburg is a folklorist, producer, and presenter of vernacular music for East Village Radio, the Drag City imprint Twos & Fews, and the Alan Lomax Archive, among other outlets.

With his first solo record as a performer "” entitled 'Affirmed', after the 1978 winner of horse racing's Triple Crown "” he enters a wholly new interaction with the corpus of American (and British) musical folklore.

The album, seven original instrumentals and one trad arrangement, is a startlingly diverse synthesis of guitar traditions "” from Gary Davis to Sam McGee; Peter Lang to Nic Jones "” refracted through a compositional sensibility long on melodic adventurousness and short on repetition and drone, those shibboleths of the American Primitives.

'Affirmed' is a remarkably confident, emotional debut by one of the most original and gifted young guitarists playing today.

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