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Nérija - Blume


FormatCD & LP
Released2nd August 2019
Catalogue WIGLP433X
Barcode 887828043330

Nérija are the septet of Nubya Garcia (tenor saxophone), Sheila Maurice-Grey (trumpet), Cassie Kinoshi (alto saxophone), Rosie Turton (trombone), Shirley Tetteh (guitar), Lizy Exell (drums) and Rio Kai (bass). Nérija is a project rooted in friendship. In fact, that’s the only way it can survive – a seven-piece jazz collective, their breakneck shifts in tempo and style rely on a deep understanding of mood, temperament and expression, a solid show of trust that extends beyond the usual bonds between musicians.

Their debut NÉRIJA EP was originally composed, recorded and self-released following their meetings and collaborations via London’s Tomorrow’s Warriors (an innovative jazz music education and artist development organisation), but the septet truly emerged to prominence as an early staple of London’s now rightly-celebrated jazz scene, performing city wide amongst the throngs of younger jazz fans that followed the scene’s every step. Now with its respected bandleaders and players each developing their own lauded projects (Nubya Garcia, KOKOROKO, SEED Ensemble, Nardeydey, Rosie Turton Quintet and more) - as well as leading the instrumental line for the likes of Little Simz and Congo Natty – they return to Nérija with new riches of power and a debut album – Blume - perfectly encapsulating their shared experience. 

+ Blume artwork by kwes.

1. Nascence - Composed by Nérija
. Solos from Sheila Maurice-Grey, Rosie Turton and Lizy Exell
2. Riverfest - Composed by Nérija
Solos from Shirley Tetteh and Rio Kai

3. Last Straw - Composed by Sheila Maurice-Grey
. Solos from Nubya Garcia and Sheila Maurice-Grey

4. Partner Girlfriend Lover - Composed by Shirley Tetteh. 
Solo from Shirley Tetteh

5. EU (Emotionally Unavailable) - Composed by Cassie Kinoshi. 
Solos from Cassie Kinoshi and Nubya Garcia

6. Blume - Composed by Nubya Garcia
Lead line from Sheila Maurice-Grey and Nérija on vocals

7. Equanimous - Composed by Rio Kai. 
Solos from Rosie Turton and Shirley Tetteh

8. Swift - Composed by Lizy Exell
. Solos from Lizy Exell and Cassie Kinoshi

9. Unbound - Composed by Rosie Turton
. Solos from Rosie Turton and Nubya Garcia

10. Blume ii - Composed by Nubya Garcia. 
Lead line from Sheila Maurice-Grey and Nérija on vocals

2LP Edition includes download code Side D etched.

2LP Indie Edition LP includes download code, CRYSTAL CLEAR coloured vinyl. Side D etched.

Artist Nérija
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