Neurosis - Fires Within Fires

  • Neurosis - Fires Within Fires

Neurosis - Fires Within Fires


InfoCD & LP23rd September 2016

Over the collective’s past ten albums, Neurosis have invited listeners to join them on the path their music carved. Going beyond the remarkable, neurosis became unforgettable.

This year finds neurosis taking their most dominant step yet with their eleventh full-length, 'Fires Within Fires'. Three decades in the making, 'Fires Within Fires' is a testament both to the history and future of Neurosis. Striking the band's signature balance between light and dark, beauty and repulsion, 'Fires Within Fires' gives due to its predecessors while progressing forward into the unfamiliar and formidable.

For members Scott Kelly, Steve Von Till, Jason Roeder, Noah Landis, and Dave Edwardson, the album is a welcomed companion to what’s now been a 30-year-long trek into the infiniteness of sound and sight coalescing into consciousness. An all-encompassing reminder that transfiguration in sound remains their most commanding and inimitable strength, 'Fires Within Fires' is the next powerful step towards a destination that has long been and continues to be the very heart of "becoming" for the mighty Neurosis.

UK exclusive clear/red vinyl limited to 500 copies only. Old style stoughton gatefold tip on jacket, single pocket in full colour with artwork hand painted by Thomas Hooper, includes lyric sheet insert.

1. Bending Light
2. A Shadow Memory
3. Fire Is The End Lesson
4. Broken Ground
5. Reach

Artist Neurosis