Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch

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  • Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch

Nine Inch Nails - Bad Witch

£12.99 £18.99

FormatCD & LP
Released22nd June 2018
Catalogue B002818021
Barcode 602567473367

Nine Inch Nails  release 'Bad Witch', completing the trilogy that began with 2016’s 'Not The Actual Events' and 2017’s 'Add Violence.'

'Bad Witch' will be a longest of the EPs so far, to conclude the series.

The 'Shit Mirror' track kicks the door in to start the EP, echoing the early days of NIN, all perilous ambient distortions and thumping machinated drums, while retaining the momentous drive of their later records. 'Ahead Of Ourselves' features Reznor's vox twisted out of all proportion, with a wizened percussive detritus trailing behind before snapping into a cutthroat about-turn into the trademark fuzzed-out static redux we've come to expect from them 

'Play The Goddamned Part' on the other hand is much more reminiscent of the scattered but cohesive ambience of their greatest full-scope cinematic epic, 'The Fragile, scattered insectile stutters and electronic static underpins the oft-uncomfortable dissonance of a chorus of horns and jazzed-out abstractions.  

There's a continuation of the horn-filled dissonance, but pulled along by a frenetic resonant saw-wave, lending an acidic undertone and momentous drive to proceedings before breaking down into a bleak and uncompromising closing duo of the full-spectrum gothic gloom of 'I'm Not From This World' and the twinkling syncopated shuffle of the chillingly deep 'Over And Out'.

1. Shit Mirror
2. Ahead Of Ourselves
3. Play The Goddamned Part
4. God Break Down The Door
5. I’m Not From This World
6. Over And Out 

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