nonkeen - Oddments Of The Gamble

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  • nonkeen - Oddments Of The Gamble

nonkeen - Oddments Of The Gamble

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InfoCD & LP15th July 2016

nonkeen (a project led by Nils Frahm (Erased Tapes) alongside Sebastian Singwald and Frederic Gmeiner) return to R&S Records with the swift follow up to their debut album ‘The Gamble’.

'Oddments of the Gamble' is a continuation of the unique, analogue concoctions that formed the first album - very much like a ‘part two’ in many ways. Although it inevitably draws on a similar formula to the previous LP - pensive loops and melodies, sweeping arpeggios, post-rock jams, and rolling jazz breaks - Oddments of the Gamble still stands alone as another statement from the trio despite originating from the same recording sessions.

1. Kassettenkarussell
2. Told And Small
3. The Journey Of Hello Peter
4. Diving Platform
5. People In Dresden Out For A Walk/ Reisegenuss
6. Happy Juno
7. Back And Forth
8. Glow
9. World Air
10. Obviously Algebra
11. Copy Of Crazy
12. The Monkey In The Machine
13. Schwertfisch

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