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NOTS - Cosmetic


InfoCD & LP9th September 2016

NOTS are a band we like a lot, so thrilled are we that their second LP Cosmetic will arrive this autumn on Heavenly Recordings.

Recorded with Keith Cooper and Andrew McCalla in the band’s home-town of Memphis, the album features artwork by lead vocalist / guitarist Natalie Hoffman.
Nots are still a wild guitar band, but above and below the guitar, bass and drum pound, Alexandra Eastburn's analog synth blurps melodies and nonsense, teasing squiggles of freedom which defy the false grid of modern life.

With Hoffmann on guitar & vocals, Eastburn on synth, Charlotte Watson beating drums, and Meredith Lones steering a solid path through the chaos on bass, Nots are neither content with the smug "stare at your shoes" approach of bands from both coasts, nor an Earth-hugging "we need to get back to nature" hippie copout. There might not be any answers here. That might be the point. Nots have arrived at the next level of their attack with a confidence and a music that lays waste to the wasteland without romantic attachment to a thing.

Signed to legendary Memphis rock ‘n’ roll label Goner in the U.S. Cosmetic follows the U.K. release of We Are Nots, their debut album, on Heavenly in November of last year.

Having played a short run of UK dates earlier this year, including a sold-out show at London’s Lexington and a brace of acclaimed performances at the Great Escape, the band are set to bring their ferociously urgent live show back to the UK later this year.

NOTS are: Natalie Hoffman (guitar / vocals), Charlotte Watson (drums), Meredith Lones (bass) & Alexandra Eastburn (synthesizer).

1. Blank Reflection
2. Rat King
3. Cold Line
4. New Structures
5. Cosmetic
6. No Novelty
7. Inherently Low
8. Flourescent Sunset
9. Entertain Me

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