Nude Beach - II

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  • Nude Beach - II

Nude Beach - II

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Nude Beach are one of the first signings to Other Music Recording Co., the run by the legendary NYC record shop and released in the UK via Fat Possum.

Having recently toured with The Men, Nude Beach started out self-releasing albums and playing pretty much every punk venue in North Brooklyn and beyond.

Whilst being very much a part of the Brooklyn DIY scene, the trio could never quite shake the rock & roll of Tom Petty and Bruce Springsteen that soundtracked their Long Island youth.

In an increasingly fractured music scene, Nude Beach play against fashion and deliver straight up rock & roll and, moreover, they do it better than anyone else has in a long time.

Walkin' Down My Street
Some Kinda Love
You Make It So Easy
Keep It Cool
Love Can't Wait
Cathedral Echoes
Don't Have To Try
The Endless Night
Loser In The Game

Artist Nude Beach