Olly Todd - Odeum Spotlights

  • Olly Todd - Odeum Spotlights

Olly Todd - Odeum Spotlights


Released22nd June 2018
Catalogue 9781912722020
Barcode 9781912722020

In Odeum Spotlights, Olly Todd’s poems explore the reconstructed past
and reimagined present, and the roles they play in the arenas of memory, place and

Olly Todd is from Whitehaven in Cumbria and now lives in London after stints in
Liverpool, Worcester and LA. His poems have appeared in The Rialto, Vice, Five Dials, Belleville Park Pages, Test Centre and the Clinic anthologies. He skates for Palace Skateboards and works as a travel copywriter.

First edition press is limited to 500 copies

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