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Omi Palone - Omi Palone

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Following their long sold-out self-released cassette of 2011 and two split 7"?s in 2012, Omi Palone will release their debut self-titled long-player as a joint release between Faux Discx and new label Negative Space. The 8-track record is a frenetic fuzz-tinged pop headrush of barely-restrained punk outbursts. Singer-guitarist Philip Serfaty's deep and sleepy baritone reverberates over urgent, rushing chord progressions and incisive rhythmic precision. Frantic jangling guitar hooks fall away to one-chord motorik chug, hypnotic drone and looming fuzz, giving the tracks a hounded, runaway feel. Finding strength in brevity, the band explores and experiments with what can be expressed in a 3 minute post-punk song; controlled, complex melodies interweaving in amongst simple (but not simplistic) repetitive structures, interrupted only by stomping middle-eights. Artistic allegiances nod towards an Antipodean influence: the output of 80s New Zealand labels such as Flying Nun & Xpressway, as well as the current Australian punk scene. Having aborted two previous recording sessions at two different studios in 2012, the band found a home at Homerton's Sound Savers, where they honed their sound and, under the supervision of Mark Jasper, laid the record down onto quarter-inch tape in late Spring and early Summer of 2013.

1. World Outside
2. Architecture
3. On And On
4. Void
5. Shallow Divide
6 .Follow Your Visions
7. ~
8. Sleepwalk

Artist Omi Palone
LabelFaux Discx