Owiny Sigoma Band - Power Punch

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  • Owiny Sigoma Band - Power Punch

Owiny Sigoma Band - Power Punch

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InfoCD & LP8th april

Vinyl comes with CD version of the album enclosed.

Brownswood Recordings are delighted to announce the release of their sophomore album Power Punch, coming out on Brownswood Recordings on April 8, 2013. Exploring new influences from techno to electronica, the Nairobi / London based band continue to also embrace the sounds of East Africa.

The Owiny journey began back in 2009 when five London musicians, Jesse Hackett (vox / keys) Louis Hackett (bass), Sam Lewis (guitar), Chris Morphitis (bouzouki/guitar) and Tom Skinner (drums) first travelled to east Africa to record with Joseph Nyamungu, a Nyatiti master musician, and Charles Owoko, a Luo drummer.

The resulting record Owiny Sigoma Band was released in 2011 and saw the band perform at a number of top festivals including Roskilde (Denmark), WorldWide Festival (France) and Dour Festival (Belgium).

This time, Owiny Sigoma Band reversed the dynamic. The UK based musicians invited Joseph and Charles to record in London in the summer of 2012. Introduced to variety of new influences and confronted with a different recording environment, the Kenyan musicians were left invigorated. On hearing shangaan electro for the first time Charles insisted that the band played at even higher tempos. Fierce, hand-played nyiduonge drums can be heard beside Tom Skinner's dextrous stick work. Joseph's Nyatiti (a Kenyan classical instrument) is sounding at home amongst groups widening influences.

Power Punch deftly straddles continents, steering through the Luo influenced Nagalo Ni Piny Odag to acid basslines in Owiny Techno and onto the Afro pop of Harpoon Land.

1. Nagalo Ni Piny Odag
2. Norbat Okelo
3. Sunken Wrecks
4. Lucas Malore
5. Magret Aloor
6. Mombassa Outro
7. Harpoon Land
8.Owiny Techno
9. Yukimwi
10. All Together
11. Jonny Ra Ha

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