Palmbomen II - Memories Of Cindy

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  • Palmbomen II - Memories Of Cindy

Palmbomen II - Memories Of Cindy

£8.99 £13.99

Released26th January 2018
Catalogue BIS031CD
Barcode 0700064952917

We are huge fans of Beats In Space...

Cindy is the eulogized muse behind Palmbomen II’s newest collection of limitless dance music. Appearing anecdotally in a cable access talk show and a four part 12” EP series episodically scored by Palmbomen II’s patent melodic house and remote, otherworldly fidelity, her story takes stage once more in Memories of Cindy. 

Kai Hugo, the artist behind Palmbomen II (and its sister project, the traditionally “live” band Palmbomen), is an idiosyncratic producer that relies on spontaneity as much as structure. Almost identical to the process that prompted Palmbomen II’s self-titled debut (Beats In Space, 2015), Hugo worked through several iterations of each MOC track in a single day before using a comprehensive end edit to create a piece with an immediate, impossible feel.

CD 1
I Feel Everything
Pure Tibet
RTL Unifeeder
Peter Accepts Death
Forever Afsluitdijk
IAO Industries
Transportzone Meer
Dancing & Crying

CD 2
Ultimate Lovestory Fantasy
Wilco’s Funeral
Disappointment Island
Fat Director
Cyber Tears
Are You Friends With Amber?
Can It Be
Dreams Always Come Thru
Messed It Up

Artist Palmbomen II
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