Paradise Lost - Obsidian

  • Paradise Lost - Obsidian

Paradise Lost - Obsidian


Released15th May 2020
Catalogue 0727361550288
Barcode 0727361550288

Obsidian… dark, reflective and black: it’s a pretty decent description of the music that Paradise Lost have been making over the last 32 years, even though this most resilient of British metal bands have stoically refused to be pinned down to one easily defined formula. Powered by a lust for creativity and a stout devotion to haunting heaviness, Paradise Lost have defied the odds by coming back stronger than ever over the past decade.

Obsidian is yet another glowering career peak, not just matching the imperious form of 'The Plague Within' and 'Medusa', but artfully outstripping it with greater depth, colour and emotional power. While many bands of their vintage have embraced the nostalgia business, Paradise Lost remain a vibrant, vital and endlessly classy force for creative metallic good. 

Limited edition on transparent blue vinyl

Side A:
1.Darker Thoughts (5:46)
2.Fall From Grace (5:42)
3.Ghosts (4:35)
4.The Devil Embraced (6:08)

Side B:
1.Forsaken (4:30)
2.Serenity (4:46)
3.Ending Days (4:36)
4.Hope Dies Young (4:02)
5.Ravenghast (5:30)

Artist Paradise Lost
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