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Peacers - Peacers

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InfoCD & LP17th July

The CD format is expected in stock on 24th July

Sliding up from the old heart of the Bay Area are a special new band. Hands up for the sweet and sour popsicles of Peacers.

Carrying on like rock and roll never happened already, Peacers unpack a century’s worth of progress in fresh tunage. With time short, Peacers grab what scraps they can through the closing window and dance beneath the demeaned sky, with one flag waving free.

Peacers’ debut is a dash through the gutted and the gutter, all of which is written home about with a gleeful cock of the skull and twinkle in eye, unmistakably out of the poison nib of Mike Donovan, whose hits with Sic Alps will live forever.

On production is Mike’s old SF cohort Ty Segall, whose rhythm sections and arrangement recommendations re-cast most of the tunes on the album with copacetic cooperativeness.

At The Milkshake Hop
R.J.D. (Salam)
Laze It
Institution Shave
Piccolo And Ant
Mary Jane / Glorious Sunrise
The Kid
Heiress Chilton
Kick On The Plane
Scandi Mindy
Clay Center, KS
Leicester Bride
Drama Ensues
Super Francisco

Artist Peacers
LabelDrag City