PicaPica - Spring & Shade

  • PicaPica - Spring & Shade

PicaPica - Spring & Shade


Released16th March 2018
Catalogue RTRADST875
Barcode 0883870087513

One for sorrow and two for joy. PicaPica features the vocal interplay of Josienne Clarke and Samantha Whates, dual front women who create powerful harmonies atop layers of texture created by Adam Beattie & Sonny Johns, a tiding of magpies picking shiny moments of tone and timbre from 60s west coast, sunshine pop and indie folk.

+ Limited edition 10" (500 worldwide)

“Spring & Shade” contains four songs freely-designed to bewitch the listener until its fifteen minutes are over. This is music for memories that creep in under the door. Songs that wear their cares lightly, shining in the dark. Simply, beautiful, beguiling, elegant sounds.

Spring & Shade/Light of the Day
Last Leaves/Way Back Up
Small Time/Secret
Little April Shower /April Come She Will
Artist PicaPica
Filed Under Folk & Traditional