Protomartyr - No Passion All Technique

  • Protomartyr - No Passion All Technique

Protomartyr - No Passion All Technique


FormatCD & LP
Released3rd May 2019
Catalogue REWIGCD154
Barcode 0887830015424

+  Limited LP format is pressed on sky-blue coloured vinyl & includes a 20 page zine!

For fans of Protomartyr, their first release - No Passion All Technique, has long been something of a mystery. Originally released as a very short run on the Urinal Cake label,  not available on streaming services, long out of print (and going for ridiculous prices on online market places), why was this album so elusive?

It ceases to be out of reach, as the Domino label release a deluxe reissue of 'No Passion All Technique'. 

"There's a humanness and empathy to this material that's increasingly rare in rock songs. For a debut LP, 'No Passion All Technique' is an impressive showing of sonic, lyrical, and emotional range..." - Pitchfork.

+ LP Includes download code.
+ LP Includes digital bonus tracks from the original recording session.

1. In My Sphere
2. Machinist Man
3. Hot Wheel City
4. 3 Swallows
5. Free Supper
6. Jumbo’s
7. Ypsilanti
8. Too Many Jewels
9. (Don’t You) Call Me Out My Name
10. How He Lived After He Died
11. Feral Cats
12. Wine of Ape
13. Principalities

14. King Boots (Bonus Track)
15. Bubba Helms (Bonus Track)
16. Cartier E.G.s (Bonus Track)
17. Whatever Happened to the Saturn Boys? (Bonus Track)

Artist Protomartyr
Filed Under Rock & Psych & Garage