Psychic Temple - III

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  • Psychic Temple - III

Psychic Temple - III

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InfoCD & LP6th May

New album from Chris Schlarb – aka Psychic Temple.

As shocking a transition as The Byrds’ pitch toward country music with Sweetheart of the Rodeo, Psychic Temple III completes the transition from avant-jazz solo project to working band playing classic American soul, rock, and folk music. Equally immersed in the sound of California’s canyons and the swamps of the deep South, Psychic Temple’s cult leader/guitarist Chris Schlarb steps out of the shadows and up to the microphone for the first time with astonishing results.

1. Overture
2. When I Know
3. You Ain't A Star (Prelude)
4. You Ain't A Star
5. Getting Home
6. I'm Not Far Behind
7. Feral Children of the Canyon
8. Don't Try
9. Brother O
10. NO RECALL (prelude)
11. Neon Belly
12. I Don't Need Nothin'
13. Road Song