Randall Dunn - Beloved

  • Randall Dunn - Beloved

Randall Dunn - Beloved


Released9th November 2018
Catalogue F8009LP

One of the albums of 2018, Dunn's debut solo effort is a mesmeric bridge between the beautiful and the manic. With esteemed guests Zola Jesus, Frank Fisher, Shahzad Ismaily and Eyvind Kang, he creates a rich, dark and deep world of synthesised textures and terrifying images.

"Inspired by the wisdom of age and a period of psychic stress, ’Beloved’ truly renders the full, magnificent scope of Dunn’s 3rd eye. With a cinematic/psychedelic grasp of dramaturgy that perhaps only comes from subsuming one’s own vision at the service of others, his first solo side unfurls a billowing tapestry in seven parts, finely limning a sort of hellish opera a la latter Scott Walker..."

Produced, engineered and mixed by Randall Dunn
Assisted by Will Smith and Justin Morris

Recorded 2016-2018 at: 
Q Room Studios, Bolzano, Italy
Figure 8 Recording, Brooklyn NY
Sonic Ranch, El Paso, TX

Mixed at:
Sonic Ranch, El Paso Texas
Strange Weather, Brooklyn NY

Mastered by Jason Ward at Chicago Mastering Service

Photography By Lauren Rodriguez

Layout by Stephen O’Malley 

Artist Randall Dunn
Filed Under Electronic Music