Redd Kross - Phaseshifter

  • Redd Kross - Phaseshifter

Redd Kross - Phaseshifter


Released8th May 2020
Catalogue TMR618
Barcode 813547028235

Hailing from Hawthorne, California, brothers Jeff and Steve McDonald formed the band Redd Kross (originally Red Cross) in the late ‘70s, the band name reputedly inspired by a prop from the 1973 horror film, The Exorcist. They release their first EP 'Posh Boy' in 1980 when just 13 and 17, which also featured members of Black Flag, the band they played their first shows opening for.  The brothers have kept Redd Kross going through the decades, and through various line-up changes, releasing 7 studio albums and a slew of EPs and singles, as well as being busy on a number of side projects.

Forty years on and hot on the heels of their amazing 2019 album 'Beyond The Door', Third Man Records weave their magic and reissue two of their beloved 1990s albums, Phaseshifter (1993) and Show World (1997).

1. Jimmy?s Fantasy
2. Lady in the Front Row
3. Monolith
4. Crazy World
5. Dumb Angel
6. Huge Wonder
1. Visionary
2. Pay for Love
3. Ms. Lady Evans
4. Only a Girl
5. Saragon
6. After School Special

Artist Redd Kross
LabelThird Man
Filed Under Rock & Psych & Garage