RM Hubbert - Telling The Trees

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  • RM Hubbert - Telling The Trees

RM Hubbert - Telling The Trees

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InfoCD & LP29th April 2016

Award-winning songwriter and guitarist RM Hubbert returns with a masterfully curated and lavishly diverse set of collaborations.

Featuring a stellar cast of contributors, ‘Telling The Trees’ is a thrillingly inventive collection, highlighting the extraordinary talents of some of the finest musicians, songwriters and lyricists.

‘Telling The Trees’ is a return to the collaborative format that saw him pick up a Scottish Album Of The Year (SAY) Award for 2012’s ‘Thirteen Lost & Found’.

Guesting on the album are the likes of Rachel Grimes, Eleanor Friedberger, Kathryn Williams, Helen Marnie (Ladytron), Martha Ffion, Karine Polwart and fellow SAY Award winner Kathryn Joseph.

The Dinosaur Where We Fell In Love (with Anneliese Mackintosh)
Self Portrait In A Convex Mirror (with Anneke Kampman)
In Accordia (with Rachel Grimes)
I Can Hold You Back (with Kathryn Williams)
Sweet Dreams (with Marnie)
The Dog (with Kathryn Williams)
The Unravelling (with Martha Ffion)
Probably Will / Probably Do (with Sarah J.Stanley)
KAS (with Aby Vulliamy)
Yew Tree (with Karine Polwart)
Chelsea Midnight (with Eleanor Friedberger)

Artist RM Hubbert