Rose Windows - The Sun Dogs

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  • Rose Windows - The Sun Dogs

Rose Windows - The Sun Dogs

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InfoCD & LP1st July

The Doors’ organ-driven psychedelia and Black Sabbath’s blues-based dirges can be heard in Rose Window’s debut album ‘The Sun Dogs’. 

The septet’s curiosity goes much further than a few well-chosen classic rock records. The band devoured Persian, Indian, and Eastern European music and incorporated the revelations learned into Rose Windows’ sound. 

Started in 2010 with a few rough demos by Chris Cheveyo alone, Rose Windows took shape as the band amassed members from their circle of musician friends. 

In November of 2011, the band began working on The Sun Dogs with local producer Randall Dunn (Sunn O)))), Boris, Earth, Master Musicians Of Bukkake). Dunn’s penchant for musical anthropology proved the perfect match for the band, with their mutual curiosity and artistic ambition broadening the scope of the album. Dynamics were expanded. Boundaries were pushed. 

The Sun Dogs I: Spirit Modules 
Native Dreams 
Heavenly Days
Walkin' With A Woman
Season Of Serpents
Wartime Lovers
Indian Summer
This Shroud
The Sun Dogs II: Coda

Artist Rose Windows
LabelSub Pop