Seams - Tourist/Sleeper

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  • Seams - Tourist/Sleeper

Seams - Tourist/Sleeper

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First release on Full Time Hobby from Hampshirevia- Berlin electronic artist James Welch aka Seams.

This double EP is available as a special edition LP with download code, and digitally as a bundle (or as individual digital EPs).

Previously released via Pictures, 'Tourist' is truly a Summer record, inspired by the bright lights of Berlin's nightlife.

It's evil twin 'Sleeper', on the other hand, is comprised of four brand new tracks, made by Seams whilst back in his bedroom in Hampshire. As such, these tracks are notably more claustrophobic and feel much darker.

This brooding electronica is comparable to such artists as Pantha du Prince, Four Tet, Tycho and fellow Berlin-dweller Gold Panda.

Hung Markets
The Glow
The Long Wait

Artist Seams