Sebadoh - Act Surprised

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  • Sebadoh - Act Surprised

Sebadoh - Act Surprised

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FormatLP & CD
Released24th May 2019
Catalogue FIRELP547X
Barcode 809236154774

The inventors of lo-fi indie rock, US band Sebadoh, return with a 15-track blast of melodic melancholy, all delivered by the smudged middle finger of Dinosaur Jr original Lou Barlow…

+ Exclusive Dinked Edition (No.11)
+ Pressed on special dinked edition tricolour vinyl
+ Limited to just 500 copies
+ Hand numbered
+ Includes lyric insert and postcard
+ Includes custom sticker sheet

Their first studio album since 2013’s Defend Yourself and their first release for Fire Records, Lou Barlow and team return with a smorgasbord of beautifully dysfunctional tunes harking back to their finest college rock anthems.

Act Surprised is Barlow at his introverted songwriting best; matter-of-factly delivering a stream of self-questioning stories, punctuated by detuned guitars, spine-tingling time changes and throwaway one liners. A grainy post grunge postcard wrapped in bittersweet melodies with an aftertaste that’s pure heartbreak.
More songs about growing up wrong for those who continue to act surprised at life itself - all illegibly handwritten and lovingly submitted to vinyl.

The Standard edition is on White vinyl,housed in a full colour sleeve, with lyric insert and download.

1. Phantom
2. Celebrate The Void
3. Follow The Breath
4. Medicate
5. See-Saw
6. Vacation
7. Stunned
8. Fool
9. Raging River
10. Sunshine
11. Act Surprised
12. Battery
13. Belief
14. Leap Year
15. Reykjavik

Artist Sebadoh
Filed Under Indie & Alternative