Shida Shahabi - Homes

  • Shida Shahabi - Homes

Shida Shahabi - Homes


FormatCD & LP
Released19th October 2018
Catalogue LP1331
Barcode 600116133113

The beautiful, intimate and homespun piano of Homes marks Shida's debut release from this young Swedish / Iranian pianist / composer.  

In terms of influences, Shida cites the lyricism and rich harmonies of 19th Century Romantic composers like Chopin, Schumann and Debussy. Other ballpark reference points might include Erik Satie, Goldmund, Nils Frahm, Dustin O'Halloran, Aphex Twin's 'Druqks' album, and Ethiopian pianist Emahoy Tsegue Maryam Guebrou. Shida signed to 130701, after the label were floored by the beauty of her recordings.

When our friends at Swedish label Sing A Song Fighter sent us Shida's album demos to check out, their sense of purpose and luminous lyrical quality immediately shone out as something genuinely special. There is a palpable depth and integrity in her work. It is not showy or smart, articulates no grand concept, but flows from its creator freely and true. From start to finish, there's a sense of honesty and humble warmth seeping through every note. Revealing a wonderfully fluid sense of touch and melody, it is simply beautiful, warm, homely music with a big heart.

1. Abisme
2. Smygkatt
3. Petula
4. Pretty In Plums
5. Dawning and Wind
6. Vassen
7. Epilog
8. Afterword

Artist Shida Shahabi