Six Organs of Admittance - Hexadic

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  • Six Organs of Admittance - Hexadic

Six Organs of Admittance - Hexadic

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InfoCD & LP16th February

It is time for the ears of the world to begin to hear the Hexadic sound! Much is being made of the new combinatorial system devised by Six Organs of Admittance's Ben Chasny, even though it hasn't yet been fully revealed to the public. When people heard that Chasny had based his new album on this system, which he has termed "Hexadic," it was automatically assumed that the music would be not only deep, but also compelling and challenging to the ears. This says a lot about the respect given to Chasny and his pursuits over the years. The man is heavy, what more can we say? Indeed, with "Wax Chance," the debut track available for preview, the guitar is dialed up to the breaking point, the vocals squeezed through dimensional wormholes, bass and drums walking with eerie tranquility - but what you really come away with is the scalar invention explored most evidently during the solo portion of the song. Hexadic processes built the riffs and the lengths of phrases, but they also suggested the scale being played in for every piece on Hexadic - and with "Wax Chance," Ben gets a verse or two in, then sets upon his guitar to run that particular scale raw.

Clearly invigorated by new ways of playing, Ben finds sound in places that we don't hear touched on everyday. Hexadic processes determined the structure of the lyrics as well, coming up with a series of initial letters from which Ben hangs our all-too-human words. This interaction between the system and the soul produces music that is entirely an expression of Six Organs of Admittance - the system simply facilitates and guides the expression. Additionally, the Hexadic song structure allows the rhythm section to explode with Ben at suggested measures that supplies a linear punch to the proceedings. If that doesn't describe adequately what you think you're hearing on "Wax Chance," we'll spell it out for you: R-O-C-K.

1 The Ram
2 Wax Chance
3 Maximum Hexadic
4 Hesitant Grand Light
5 Hollow River
6 Sphere Path Code C
7 Future Verbs
8 Vestige
9 Guild

LabelDrag City