Somesuch Stories - Volume 3

  • Somesuch Stories - Volume 3

Somesuch Stories - Volume 3


Released17th August 2018
Catalogue SOMESUCH3
Barcode 9781999789206

Somesuch Stories 3 contains eleven pieces of writing exploring ideas around disorientation, orientation and reorientation.

Stemming from palpable confusion following geopolitical upheavals,
mixed with concerns about the unpredictability of our collective future –  the essays and short stories within examine ways in which humans attempt to root themselves, as well as contemplating specific states of discombobulation and dislocation.

+ The Girl Who Learned to Kneel by Fiona Alison Duncan – divinity, mysticism, sexuality and diary-writing as ritual, now and in 1940s Amsterdam.
+ In Search of Virtual Synaesthesia by Josie Thaddeus-Johns – multi-sensory perception, contextology and virtual reality.
+ In Which We May Honour Our Boats by Ana Cecelia Alvarez – Édouard Glissant’s works, and their deep relevance to humanity’s current predicament.
+ The Red Maiden by Emma-Lee Moss – matchmakers, and the phenomenon of ‘left-over’ women in present day China.
+ Matrescence by Lucy Jones – the crisis of identity that shakes the psyche during early motherhood.
+ Essex, An Island off London by Tim Burrows – investigation into Essex's isolated island communities.

Short stories
+ Hourglass, Figured by Eley Williams – a meditation on the symbols that denote the passing of time and frustrated digital flux.
+ Yawning into the Staring Abyss Again by Trevor Shikaze – a Wise Owl, a bread box and the futility of scrabbling for meaning.
+ Kozłowski and Louka by Angela Dimitrakaki – concerning lovers thwarted by geopolitical strictures in present day Europe.
+ Night Wind by Eloghosa Osunde – superstitions, societal mores and religiosity in Nigeria.
+ A Bright Young Thing by Jessica Andrews – on feeling adrift in a place that once anchored you.

128 pgs, 19.5 × 13 cm, Softcover, 2017, 978-1-9997892-0-6
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