Songhoy Blues - Résistance

  • Songhoy Blues - Résistance

Songhoy Blues - Résistance


InfoCD & LP16th June 2017

Resistance is the third studio LP from the magnificent Songhoy Blues.

It’s a bold, inspiring, outward-looking record that perfectly reflects the position the band have found themselves in following the massive success of their breakthrough debut, Music In Exile, released in 2015.

Limited edition yellow vinyl for us babes at indie shops.

The album was recorded in the autumn of 2016 at The Pool studio in London with producer Neil Comber (MIA, Django Django, Crystal Fighters, Declan McKenna) and in keeping with their spirit of collaboration which saw them previously work with Nick Zinner, Julian Casablancas and Damon Albarn, Resistance features additional synths by Lxury and vocal contributions from the likes of Iggy Pop, Elf Kid and Stealing Sheep. Beyond this, the album features beautiful string parts (Hometown) and in one particularly surprising, moving instance (One Colour), a children’s choir.

1 Voter
2 Bamako
3 Sahara (feat. Iggy Pop)
4 Yersi Yadda
5 Hometown
6 Badji
7 Dabari
8 Ici Bas
9 Ir Ma Sobay
10 Mali Nord (feat. Elf Kid)
11 Alhakou
12 One Colour

Artist Songhoy Blues