Songs: Ohia - Travels In Constants

  • Songs: Ohia - Travels In Constants

Songs: Ohia - Travels In Constants


Released16th February 2018
Catalogue TRR246LP
Barcode 656605324616

Sometime in 2001 - sandwiched between the release of 'Ghost Tropic' and its follow-up, the cryptic classic, 'Didn't It Rain' - Songs: Ohia recorded an EP for Temporary Residence's distance-themed subscription series, 'Travels In Constants'. The untitled EP consisted of a single 18-minute song, performed live by Jason Molina in his living room, recorded directly to 4-track cassette as the sounds of a typical Chicago night bled through the air.

Built solely from an acoustic guitar and Molina's familiar melancholy croon, it's a hauntingly intimate track. Molina once remarked that it was "probably too out there" for a proper Songs: Ohia album, which is perhaps why is felt right at home in this context.

Hard to find on CD, Travels In Constants has now been remastered and reissued for vinyl. Completing this reissue is Howler, another unusually lengthy Songs: Ohia track that, like 'Travels In Constants', was recorded and released in 2001 in an edition of only 1,000. These tracks are amongst the most starkly beautiful and alarmingly delicate music that Molina ever committed to tape.

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Artist Songs: Ohia
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