Squarepusher - Vortrack [Plus Fracture Remix]

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  • Squarepusher - Vortrack [Plus Fracture Remix]

Squarepusher - Vortrack [Plus Fracture Remix]

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Released6th December 2019
Catalogue WAP439
Barcode 0801061943912

Following one of the highlight sets of Warp’s WXAXRXP NTS takeover in June - as broadcast in Drift - with a face-melting mix of his own breakneck acid jungle productions, fan speculation about the Squarepusher's tracks featured has been simmering.

Here at last - the blistering 'Vortrack' (Fracture Remix) comes backed with its even more unhinged original version.

Warp stalwart Squarepusher returns to territory lifelong listeners will recognize on Vortrack. Precisely unrelenting breakbeats shred, colliding headlong into a baleful panorama of acid basslines on this remix of 'Vortrack' by Fracture. Eventually easing into the title track — a similarly strange journey, 'Vortrack' takes hold of an unreal junglist abyss, fit to score the depths of alien spacecrafts and earth’s deepest waters alike.

A: Vortrack
B: Vortrack (Fracture Remix)

Artist Squarepusher
Filed Under Electronic Music