Stephen Steinbrink - Utopia Teased

  • Stephen Steinbrink - Utopia Teased

Stephen Steinbrink - Utopia Teased


FormatCD & LP
Released9th November 2018
Catalogue MELO119CD
Barcode 5060168041487

Powerful stuff this from a guy we really like.

Stunned with grief in the months following the Ghost Ship fire, Oakland-based Stephen Steinbrink ate LSD daily, bought a synthesizer, and locked himself in his shipping container studio, refusing to sleep for days as he wrote and recorded what would become Utopia Teased, as a means of working through his overwhelming
feelings of cynicism and loss.

1. Bad Love
2. I Wanna Be Free
3. A Part of Me is a Part of You
4. Empty Vessel
5. Maximum Sunlight
6. Zappa Dream
7. Coming Down
8. Mom
9. In Another Kind of Dream
10. Become Sphere
11. You Could Always Leave
12. I'm Never Changing Who You Are

Stephen Steinbrink - Utopia Teased is currently priced at a special preorder rate and will revert to full price on release. That the release date of 9th November 2018 is estimated and subject to change.

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