Susan James - Sea Glass

  • Susan James - Sea Glass

Susan James - Sea Glass


Released26th July 2019
Catalogue SSLP1017
Barcode 666017337814

**Aqua Marine limited vinyl**

By her own description, the music on Susan James’ album is ‘’postmodern folk-rock’’ which is as good a way as any to delineate how the LA based singer songwriter casts aside the more obviously American roots-tinged colours and melodies of her previous work for an almost baroquely ornate, new-pop tapestry.
Sea Glass was co-arranged by Sean O’Hagan (High Llamas, Stereolab) who brought a wondrous batch of his trademarked piquant string settings. O’Hagan sees James as roughly aligned in that American tradition of folk-pop artists of the 60s such as Judy Henske and Nancy Priddy, whose tunes had a ‘future’ edge of experimentation but definitely belonged to the American folk tradition.

‘’It’s a lush, immaculately performed and arranged selection of songs that plays on James’ roots in country and folk but draws from a deep love and understanding of all manner of ‘60s and ‘70s touchstones, particularly the baroque flourishes and ornate instrumentation of the early Laurel Canyon sound and psych-era Hollywood sunshine-pop’’ 
- Shindig! 5/5

‘’Susan James’ Sea Glass is the real California sound, an all-embracing kind of music that breaks rules, hears new textures. Dig a bit and you’ll find that it’s not a stretch to say it’s as much a California classic music as the disparate strains of Terry Riley, Harry Partch, The Beach Boys and Captain Beefheart’’
- LA Weekly

1 Poseidon’s Daughter
2 Awful Lot
3 Hey Julianne
4 Calico Valley
5 Ay Manzanita

1 The Invisible Mrs Lee
2 Odyssea 1201
3 Sea Glass
4 Truth Or Consequence
5 Tell Me Cosmo
6 Last Song

Artist Susan James
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