Tal National - Tantabara

  • Tal National - Tantabara

Tal National - Tantabara


FormatCD & LP
Released9th February 2018
Catalogue FATCD149
Barcode 600116514929

Gearing up for their third album, Tal National look back on a fertile period spent further honing their sound and touring the US several times – leaving audiences sweaty and stunned time after time. They’ve laid down incredible sets at WOMAD and Roskilde, bringing the same intensity and jubilance to the festival as they would a crammed club.

At their core, Tal National's intent is to make the people dance. Performances at the Niamey nightclub they run in their home country of Niger are raucous 5-hour non-stop dance parties for 300 people a night. With 'Tantabara' the band continues their ongoing quest to translate that energy to tape, bottling the party for personal use.

In 2013 the band’s Fat Cat Records label debut was released to wide critical acclaim – The NY Times placed it on their year end Top Ten and other publications followed suit – The Guardian, The Independent, Mojo, Vice, The Wire, and others all sang exuberant praises.

Two years on, their follow-up cemented their status, adding shouts from Pitchfork, Afropop Worldwide, FADER, The Quietus and The Boston Globe to the fray. Though with each heaping of praise they all seemed to echo NPR’s assessment that “There’s no way you won’t dance to this one!” Tantabara is the latest installment of Tal National's attempt to make a global audience dance.

1. Tantabara
2. Belles Reines
3. Entente
4. Duniya
5. Akokas
6. Pama
7. Trankil
8. Aminiata

Artist Tal National
LabelFat Cat
Filed Under World Music