The Clang Group - Practice

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  • The Clang Group - Practice

The Clang Group - Practice

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InfoCD & LP30th September 2016

On turning 60, legendary producer Clive Langer decided it was time to get a band together.

Recorded at Iguana Studio in Brixton with musician mates and long-time cohorts (including Suggs and Roxy Music’s Andy Mackay), ‘Practice’ is jagged, melodious, ingenious, impulsive and exhilarating. 

Driven by a frantic and restless energy, ‘Practice’ is exactly the kind of record you’d hope someone would make if they woke up aged 60 thinking, “Sod it, I’m going to start a rock & roll band.”

Acre Lane
I’m Sorry
Had A Nice Night
Heaven Calls Another Name
Picture Postcard Paradise
Knock Me Off
Out Of Time