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The Fall - I Am Kurious Oranj


Released12th October 2018
Catalogue BBQLP96
Barcode 607618009618

I Am Kurious Oranj is the eleventh studio album from The Fall. Released by Beggars Banquet 30 years ago in 1988, it contains some of their most loved songs including 'Cab It Up!', 'New Big Prinz' and 'Jerusalem' which takes its lyrics from a poem by William Blake.

The album was written as the soundtrack to an avant-garde ballet titled I Am Curious, Orange, produced by the experimental Michael Clark Company and performed in London with The Fall playing live. As it said in the original ballet program, replicated inside this reissue, “Mark E. Smith is a history buff and admirer of Michael Clark, and I Am Curious, Orange spawned the idea of a thematic delving into the foibles and little-known psyche of William of Orange.”

According to Mark E. Smith in his book, Renegade, “We adapted the title from a Swedish porno film--I am Curious, Yellow. I was trying to make the point that we all share some kind of common knowledge that’s within ourselves; that comes out in all sorts of things. Some people call it a gene pool. It’s as if you already know subconsciously about historical incidents. You don’t have to have been taught it. It’s in-built. At the time I wanted to put this across, basically as a loose explanation of what was happening in Belfast: it’s in the head and bones and there’s nothing you can do about it. I was on a roll at the time. I’m rarely short of ideas, and I’m not into preserving them much, either. If it’s in your head and you’ve got the right people around you them there’s no better time to tell the story.”

Orange coloured vinyl and contains a replica of original programme of the ballet play performed at Sadler Wells Theatre. 

A. New Big Prinz
Overture from ‘I Am Curious Orange’
Dog Is Life/Jerusalem
Kurious Oranj
Wrong Place, Right Time

Win Fall C.D. 2080
Yes, O Yes
Van Plague?
Bad News Girl
Cab It Up!

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