The Holydrug Couple - Hyper Super Mega

  • The Holydrug Couple - Hyper Super Mega

The Holydrug Couple - Hyper Super Mega


FormatCD & LP
Released21st September 2018
Catalogue SBR212LPC1
Barcode 843563105405

It was ten years ago, in a house on the outskirts of Santiago, Chile, that Ives Sepúlveda Minho and Manuel Parra started playing music together, and The Holydrug Couple was effectively born.

A decade later, they’ve made Hyper Super Mega, an album that represents the culmination of everything they’ve learned in their years as a band. Following the release and surrounding tours of their second album, 2015’s 'Moonlust' also on Sacred Bones, the duo found themselves back at home, feeling directionless and listless. “The over-riding feeling was one of exhaustion,” Sepúlveda recalls, “exhaustion of the planet and of culture, the overuse of references and information that you see everywhere, in fashion, literature, tourism, music, technology and so on.”

Amidst this feeling of weariness, the words 'Hyper', 'Super' and 'Mega' struck a chord – these terms with origins so steeped in history and mythology, which have come to represent stark superlatives of consumerism. Hyper capitalism, hypermarket, hyperspace, hyperactive, hyperlink, megabyte, megabuck, megalomania, megastorm, megaplex, superhighway, superhero, supermodel, supersize… “It seemed that the scale of everything over-exaggerates human capacity and time” he notes. So, the duo immersed themselves in these feelings and started to build the foundations of their new record.

Amidst eleven tracks of perfectly-formed, heady psych-pop, Hyper Super Mega speaks of immediacy, internet and social media, consumption, love and a comfortable despair at the state of the planet. It tells of a world over-connected through cell phones and information, whilst hinting at the place of occult language and imagery in an attempt to convene different and unknown places, or places that are open to interpretation.

Sonically, if 'Hyper Super Mega' feels, in places, like a classic pop record, that’s because Sepúlveda and Parra spent much of the recording process thinking, too, about the classic pop records of the ’60s and ’70s. Masterpieces by bands like The Beatles, The Beach Boys, and Fleetwood Mac were all reference points, not always explicitly in sound, but certainly in spirit. The duo approached the mythos of the 'classic album' from their own inimitable perspective, hoping to make a record that felt authentically like The Holydrug Couple that might fit into the same canon.

Overall, Hyper Super Mega is a capsule history of The Holydrug Couple, incorporating a decade of experience recording, touring the world, and absorbing the sights and sounds of their native Chile. It marks the 10th anniversary of a band whose next ten years look even brighter than the last.

Limited Edition LP pressed on Red vinyl.

1. Hyper Super Mega 
2. Waterfalls 
3. Forever End 
4. Ikebana Telephone Line 
5. Lucifer’s Coat 
6. I’ll Only Say This 
7. Easy 
8. Chevalier 
9. Hotel Cache 
10. Western Shade 
11. Mercury Lake 

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