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  • The R.G.Morrison - Diamond Valley

The R.G.Morrison - Diamond Valley


Released11th November
Catalogue VAN266

Limited heavyweight vinyl pressing with JMW Turner artwork

The R.G. Morrison are a band from Devon. This new long player, 'Diamond Valley' is their third album in all and the most coherent and complete that they have managed to commit to tape. The recording centres around Rupert Morrison and features David Hart on guitars/drums and Sarah Morrison on bass. Live drummers have always been a luxury but previous guests include Alex Neilson (Trembling Bells, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy) and the current seat is occupied by David Beauchamp (Johnny Flynn, Jeffery Lewis)

The album will doubtless draw comparisons to parts of Neil Young's catalogue (for the guitar wig outs and 'Harvest'-esq drums if nothing else) and again to a Whiskeytown period Ryan Adams, but it's those odd minutes and off-kilter instrumentations and arrangements that will raise more eyebrows and moves 'Diamond Valley' out of the Americana genre. The synth parts in "Sweetheart" owe more to Paul Young than Neil Young, like an eight minute Duran Duran single. "Dreaming" is whispered, reminiscent perhaps of Elliott Smith (one of Morrison's heroes) before the Mellotrons swoon to the saddest crescendo, sounding more like Sparklehorse (another of Morrison's heroes). Lead single "Slumber" would sit nicely on a Palace Brothers album before the guitars get overdriven and the vocals turn up to a screaming evangelist. (It was the last track recorded and Morrison damaged his throat doing so, a few planned overdubs had to be scrapped) "Poor Cow" (the only track sung solely by Sarah) is direct from Burt Bacharach and Jimmy Webb country, a cow girl ballad. "The Sun" takes the album right back to Lauren Canyon (maybe more Eagles than CSN) before the "Weary" closing track, a finger picked lament from the "Shelter Form the Storm" school of thought.

And now the band? Well one of them is busy running a record shop, one is busy being a mum, another a surgical nurse and lastly the current drummer is in hot demand across the globe; so will there be live shows? In short, they'd love to and these things tend to work themselves out. But that is all real life, 'Diamond Valley' is about somewhere else. They are all just glad to have recorded it.

"Has some good Dad rock moves that squirt like John Stewart/Mike Nesmith" - Byron Coley, The Wire

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