The Saxophones - Eternity Bay

  • The Saxophones - Eternity Bay

The Saxophones - Eternity Bay


FormatCD & LP
Released14th February 2020
Catalogue FTH360LPA
Barcode 5060626461376

Husband and wife duo The Saxophones - Alexi Erenkov and Alison Alderdice - return with their second album Eternity Bay. 

‘It's so easy to stay where we are; it's a miracle anything ever changes.’ Words you might not expect from somebody who has recently welcomed not just a second album but a second child into their world. Then again, change and movement come quite naturally to The Saxophones. This is a band who wrote their first album on board a boat, and who have called their second album Eternity Bay, fusing physical place with a spiritual sense of time. 

Recorded and produced by Cameron Spies and mixed by Noah Georgeson, the analog 16 track tape recording method complemented the band’s preferred minimalism. Noah’s meticulous, dense layering both crystallised The Saxophones’ sound and found new energy within it, without losing the expansive feel they’d honed on previous records.

Musically Eternity Bay appears relatively uncomplicated, but the influence of jazz is never far away, its intricacies lending the tracks a distinctive gravity. The result is a carefully planted landscape of woodwind, guitar, and vocals. Alexi’s voice dwells on the threshold of fragility, a tantalising brink that defines much of the record’s themes: the brink between the bloom and wither of life, hope and futility, the everyday rat-race and floating adrift, comfort and change.

Limited edition LP on Orange vinyl

1. Lamplighter
2. New Taboo
3. Forgot My Mantra
4. Take My Fantasy
5. Anymore
6. Zendo
7. Flower Spirit
8. Living In Myth
9. You Fool
10. Eternity Bay

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