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The Mercury Music Prize winner 2010

There is a lightness of touch at play that gives The XX a sophistication beyond their years. The indie album on the always reliable Young Turks imprint that dominated the airwaves and front pages from Summer '09.

It's long been a big favorite in the shop and it's going to have some shelf life for months to come.

1. Intro
2. VCR
3. Crystalised
4. Islands
5. Heart Skipped A Beat
6. Fantasy
7. Shelter
8. Basic Space
9. Infinity
10. Night Time
11. Stars

Romy Madley Croft (guitar) and Oliver Sim (bass) - whose interplay lends their debut an intimate tension, along with bandmates Baria Qureshi (keyboards/guitar) and Jamie Smith (programming/samples), Croft and Sim craft languid, sparsely arranged love songs that recall atmospheric 80s acts such as the Cocteau Twins and Mazzy Star. Better still, they betray their south London roots: gentle, plaintive melodies are framed by minimal beats that nod to dubstep and R&B. - The Guardian

You immediately sense you're listening to something seductively special - The Guardian

The XX are very good. Sophisticated influences that belie their youth, but emphasis their talent, combine to create a coherent mish mash of skeletal 80s indie, 90s rnb duets and 00s nostalgic hindsight. Effortlessly and almost impossibly cool - Artrocker

This debut record aches with longing and melancholy and sonic innovation. This foursome literally sound like no-one else around - The Fly

one of 2009's most unique debuts...drawing together eclectic materials from avant-garde hip-hop to R&B to pure pop - NME 8/10

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