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Thee MVPs - Sesh


Released24th November 2017
Catalogue PURE347S
Barcode 0644918034773

Thee MVPs are closing out a very solid 2017 with a brand new 45 of two solid gold rippers. Already this year the band have smashed a 36 day world tour across America, SXSW and the UK, opening for notable acts like Meatbodies, Television, Mystery Lights, Night Beats and Pulled Apart By Horses, played numerous international and national shows otherwise and have released the live-in-the-studio and loud as anything RECEIVER ep via 10" record.

In the final months of year we can all agree has been caked in shredded nerves from you and me and everyone we know, it's only fitting that Thee MVPs newest single 'SESH' is a 3 minute stomper of low tuned riffs set against some weezer-style vocals, which addresses the issue of the 'session'. Much like the ruminations on pinkerton or the blue album, it only takes about 10 seconds to realise the lyrics ain't the happy message that's being rolled out on the upbeat guitars. A song about dealing with your lot as a millennial and using the drink just a tad too much to see you through the week, it's the thursday morning rush of the guilts' soundtrack you brought on yourself for already having two benders this week.

As the chorus goes:
Life won't feel so fresh / If it's just a Sesh / Life won't feel so fresh / If it's just excess

Mastered at Abbey Road and recorded by on-the-up and rightly so hard hitting producer Wayne Adams, Thee MVPs know their way around a tune and a riff and a beat in that way only a group with 200+ gigs and countless tours will know, with an upcoming UK tour supporting Burger Records Label mates Together Pangea ahead of this single and some special release shows planned across the UK and mainland EU, dig in deep to these very excellent cuts of classic/punk/garage/pop/whatever-rock this winter and come to a show and get warmed up!

Artist Thee MVPs
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