Threatmantics - Shadow Of Your Heart

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  • Threatmantics - Shadow Of Your Heart

Threatmantics - Shadow Of Your Heart

£9.99 £14.99

Released22nd February 2019
Catalogue FBR001
Barcode 193428613438

Wales' favourite indie punk-folk-rockers Threatmantics Return with their latest relese, Shadow On Your Heart. Kicking things off with the eponymous starter, we get a beautifully lacerative streak of bass and distorted guitar before snappily breaking down into a twinkling guitar and string redux. This is but one of many points throughout this LP that point towards an alt-folk sensibility, managing the heft of thudding percussion and driven fuzz with a juxpositive lightness of touch and tender playfulness. This playful flickering continues into the follower, 'First Things' which showcases perfectly Heddwyn's astute post-punk vocal qualities, encompassing an aspect of theatrics whilst managing to perfectly fit into the perfectly off-kilter rhythmic maelstrom that periodically breaks through the unsettling minor-key gloom.

Hand-numbered screen printed sleeve, with printed insert. Includes MP3 Download Code.

1. Shadow On Your Heart
2. First Things
3. Now You Are Gone
4. Who Is Afraid Of Patrick Wolf?
5. Cold Warts
6. Dangos Dy Ddannedd
7. Krystal Pystol
8. Under The Sun
9. Mother Folker From Hell
10. Little Johnny

Artist Threatmantics
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