TVAM - Psychic Data

  • TVAM - Psychic Data

TVAM - Psychic Data


FormatCD & LP
Released19th October 2018
Catalogue PSYD003LPW
Barcode 192641064821

From behind his TVAM moniker, producer Joe Oxley reappears with his debut album Psychic Data which comes out via his own Psychic Data imprint.

+ Indie Edition LP is on Orange vinyl.

+ Second indie edition is pressed on White vinyl. Released 5th April.

Crafting a world which touches on our memories but toys with our fears, a world in which information seeps under your door and pools by your feet, a world in which he seeks to define everything from abandoned meanings to subconscious desires, Psychic Data invites us to experience the psychodrama first hand.
Self-produced and home-recorded, the album was mixed by the steady hands of Dean Honer (Moonlandingz, I Monster, Add (N) To X).

The album announcement is accompanied by news of a new single, These Are Not Your Memories  which pours cold Kia-Ora on a rearward-facing culture, TVAM taking aim at our misplaced nostalgia, firing a sugar-coated pill across the bow.

Psychic Data
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Artist TVAM
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